King Kong Knee Drop

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We’re very excited to announce this year’s “King Kong Knee Drop”. A 9.5% abv Bourbon Barrel aged Imperial Stout. We carefully began crafting this beer few years ago, and this is our 3rd year in releasing it. Aging it on high quality Ichiro s malt whiskey barrels for as long as it took to draw out the perfect balance of flavor and aroma.
It has an intense, entising, complex aroma that changes as it warms, presenting not just the barrel but the rich characteristics they help draw from this beer. The flavor follows with an intense array of dark and sweet chocolate, vanilla, rich caramel and slight warming liqueur notes.

IBC2019(インターナショナルビアカップ) エイジド・ストロング部門 最優秀賞 受賞
IBC2020(インターナショナルビアカップ) Wood- and Barrel-Aged Strong Stout 部門 ブロンズ 受賞

Whiskey Barrel Aged Imperial Stout